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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thinking green is becoming a global phenomenon!

Municipalities, cities, countries, businesses and consumers worldwide are focusing more attention on environmental responsibility.

Environmental concerns are being pushed to the forefront of global issues. The world has become so highly interdependent and interconnected. There is no doubt that the environmental issues world-wide is having some impact on business.

We do recognize that business plays a key role in addressing global challenges and progressing into a sustainable development.

We also accept the fact that success and social responsibility ARE compatible

We are privileged that our malls have become venues for raised public consciousness, venues where we can encourage action and educate.

Today we see even more clearly our responsibility to stimulate, motivate and involve our staff, our tenants, our contractors and suppliers, our customers to be stewards of the environment.

We believe that widespread understanding amongst people who are bonded by a shared purpose for the environment, can work together to make sustainable development a reality.

The challenge is indeed on how to make that paradigm shift from ecologically damaging lifestyle to a responsible engagement towards protecting the environment.

Today the SM Supermalls, as part of its environmental sustainability initiatives, further promotes our reusable Green shopping bags.

This chartreuse green colored shopping bag is made from a hard wearing non-woven fabric that is 100% POLYPROPYLENE, that may last up to two years of weekly use. POLYPROPYLENE is recyclable, non-toxic, allergy free and non-reactive to human skin.

World renowed Filipino artist, Manuel Baldemor, has provided us four artwork designs representing land, sea, air, and water, which are the key areas of our environmental program.

While we continuosly work on attaining our goals, we do realize that there are so many challenges along the way such as
*Involvement of our stakeholders
*Commitment of our tenants
*Sustainability of projects
*Managing Operational costs

We have to operate in a practical and economically responsive manner that should continue to be attractive to our stakeholders.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Manny Baldemor for generously sharing with us his works.

His participation in our project adds a most valuable dimension AND immeasurable contribution to our goals in our environmental program.

The Titles of his artwork in this Green Bag collection truly captures his environmental message to us all... He refers to them as GRACES... Gentle reminder to us all that all that is around us are blessings and gifts which need caring for...
1)GRACES from the Air
2) Graces from the Sea
3) Graces from the Land and
4) Spiritual Light & Supreme Energy

All these will definitely inspire many!

Manny Baldemor's has given so much of himself by making his Art so accessible to the Filipino people to appreciate it and to treasure it.... Truly a gift to our people!

Today marks another milestone for the SM Supermalls as we launch our REUSABLE GREEN BAGS.

Thru the use of the Green bags we would like a) to encourage good of solid waste management
B) To promote recycling/ reuse and reduce.

SM Supermalls shall remain committed to be a venue for challenge and change.

We shall continue to humanize issues and popularize environmental concerns by taking them straight to the people through our projects in our malls such as the Green Bags.

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